16Nov, 2018
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 	Will I receive a certificate for Yellow Belt?
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Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt Learning Session

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Will I receive a certificate for Yellow Belt?
    At the end of the session, there will be an assessment, based on the result certificate will be issued. A score of 80% will make you eligible for certification.
  2. How is this different from Green Belt certification?
    Yellow belt gives you an understanding on basics of problem solving tools and concepts. With this, you can play an active role in any Continuous Improvement initiative / project. Green Belt gives you an understanding on additional tools and concepts, such that you can independently drive a project, however with some Mentoring support from Black Belt / Master Black Belt
  3. After completing Yellow Belt, will it benefit in completing Green Belt certification?
    You need to focus on additional tools and concepts in Green Belt session, also it will help in refreshing the learnings you had in Yellow Belt session.
  4. After completing Yellow Belt, within how many months we can plan to complete Green Belt certification?
    There is no time constraint as such, you can take up Green Belt certification any time after completing Yellow Belt. However, it is recommended to apply the Yellow Belt competencies on the job over a period of 8-10 months before Green Belt. This will enhance your learning process and increase your confidence to drive projects independently.
  5. After completing Yellow Belt, can I do Green Belt certification with any other company / institute?
    Yes, you can. However, attending a Green Belt learning session with us, will ensure continuity of learning and a seamless transition to a Green Belt Certification
  6. Can I do Green Belt certification without Yellow Belt?
    Going through Yellow Belt and then Green Belt, will enable a steady progression in the learning and application of concepts.
  7. After the learning session, if I have any doubts, can I contact you for clarification?
    We provide Mentoring support for one project as part of this session. For continued support on multiple projects (including others from your company), we can discuss with your Managers, on a structured Mentoring support.
  8. Is there a validity period for this certificate?
    There is no validity for the certification.
  9. I am a Project Manager with PMP certification, will Yellow / Green Belt certification enhance my capabilities and competencies?
    Yes, it will definitely enhance your capabilities in terms of analysis and problem solving. With this, value add to the project deliverables beyond Project Management actions.
  10. Will this certification enhance my career growth?
    Every organisation needs performance improvement / continuous improvement thinking and actions. This is an important characteristic required in your career progression. Yellow Belt and Green Belt will give a strong foundation to drive improvement initiatives.

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